Saturday, July 26, 2014


Pink dawn
In the time of the storm
What adventures await?

Treading day
So little to say
Nothing revealed in the light

Fall of dusk
Out of the husk
The seedling seeks no Sun

Coming night
Eyes find sight
A world made of dreams.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Boys Day

The last day of the mid-year school holidays and I wanted to spend some quality time with Alex. We had a wonderful time. Slept in, walked down to a local reserve with its recently rebuilt playground. Explored the riverside along a small track, past mangroves and a dead fish. Kita the dog was off his leash and decided to enter the freezing cold water, splashing around.
Walked back up the steep stairs to get a lunch of banh mi from the bakery, then gave Kita a shower to wash off all the river grime.
Later in the afternoon Alex laughed with delight as we encouraged lethargic Japanese trains to run around the n-scale layout downstairs. In taking the models out of the cupboard Alex discovered my old yellowed Star Wars toys, so we ended the day with space battles.
It was a perfect finale to the holidays.

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