Thursday, July 31, 2008

Knitting with dog hair

I once saw a book entitled Knitting with Dog Hair in the bargain bin of a bookshop. I always regret not purchasing it as I'm sure it would have been a talking point. Just the blurb on the back was enough to elicit a laugh.

The other day I found a podcast of a documentary with the same title. The documentary is a real hoot, especially the comments of the dog hair knitting expert. According to him dog hair is a huge environmental problem. Burn it and you will get cancer. If it blows into the ocean it can ruin the fishing. But those statements were nothing compared with what he had to say about the emotional state of the dogs. Apparently "studies done in Florida" show that yarn taken from an unhappy dog can psychically affect the wearer and make them unhappy too!

It's good for a laugh, but be warned. When Kita heard this podcast he barked!

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