Sunday, September 14, 2014

Menzies' Child

Go to war says the Menzies Child
The cause is just, it cannot be denied
Mind your daughter, send your son
To join in with this glorious fun
While I shall stand here full of pride
But do not expect me to risk my hide
For leaders are bought and not made
Sons for whom their parents paid
War is built for younger men
Not scions of society who must then
Serve our nation on a board
Wielding their financial sword
Why do we fight? Why do we go?
Sorry, that's only need to know
Suffice it to say, Menzies would
And that is why we must and should
Stand with our friends in a fight
Never minding what is right
A looming loss says the polls
And so I must commit your souls
To pass away in a distant land
For democracy, you understand
Like Menzies so many times before
That is why you must go to war.

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