Sunday, September 04, 2011

iView, therefor iCan't

I'm not certain that my desire for my son to be able to watch ABC television content on the iPad was such a good idea. Last month he used up our 25GB download limit watching ABC for Kids content using the ABC iView application on the iPad. For the last few days of the month we were limited to 64 Kb/s. Time to get some local copies of his favourite programs or do other activities not involving tablet computers.

Star Trek V Expanded Edition Soundtrack

On Friday night B and I sat down to watch the J J Abrams Star Trek reboot movie. It's good escapist fun but a major let down for me was the score. Michael Giacchino's main theme was too unremarkable to join the ranks of previous Star Trek efforts.

The same could not be said of Jerry Goldsmith's score to Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. I actually enjoyed the movie when I saw it in the cinema in late 1989, despite the largely negative reviews. Upon watching it again on video the music captured my attention so much that I recorded the entire soundtrack of the video on to audio cassette and made finding the music release a priority.

When I finally obtained the soundtrack I was disappointed to discover the amount of music in the move that was missing from the compact disc. Especially the gorgeous mountain theme and some of the background source music from Paradise City.

Twenty years later and I discover that an expanded edition has recently been released by La La Records, but it's a limited edition of only 5000 copies and I'm too late!

Fortunately, while ordering the Music of America: John Williams (see the comments after the recent John Williams concert entry) I found somebody on Amazon selling the Star Trek V cd. On Saturday I picked it up from the post office.

It's good.

Very good.

I'm happy.

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