Thursday, October 08, 2009

Mock Nobody - Television Star

You can catch my (probable) Logie award winning performance as Mock Nobody on ABC television's Catalyst science program or watch the video online. It may not be a speaking part, but my lugging around of an ancient Toshiba laptop computer was crucial to the portrayal of the whole wifi patent case. I'm sure that a movie deal is just around the corner!


Frank said...

why have they dismembered your head in most of the shots? Hilarious to see you in a lab coat :-) Hope this leads to a bright TV future!!

allrite said...

Pity "Legs" Legovich who had the suit legs roles and just the briefest of head shots.

Anonymous said...

your appearance was noted... where did you get those old Pc's from???

allrite said...

I think the bloody heavy museum pieces were from one of the real scientist's personal collection. I offered them shiny little notebooks and PDA's but they weren't interested.

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