Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Zoom-Zoom 2

We picked up our new car today. It's a Mazda 6 and it's red (Copper Red, to be precise). Now I have some leg room again and there is space in the boot for something other than a pram. Bit sad to say goodbye to our traded-in Mazda 3. It's been an excellent car and never given us any problems.

The Mazda 6 has a few more features than the 3. It's going to take time to play with all the buttons. I preferred the red lighting of the Mazda 3 dashboard, like the eye of a cylon, as opposed to the blue of the 6. Radioactive Red as opposed to Cerenkov Blue. They are made in Hiroshima, you see.

At least the 6 plays the "Zoom Zoom" music when it starts up!

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