Saturday, November 22, 2008

Things I learned from late night TV

So we were up at around 2am feeding baby Alex when we decided to switch on the television. It was so terribly disappointing to see that the moronic mobile phone game shows were off the air, but there was still an education to be had. We learned:
  • How to hide drug paraphenalia as sex toys (Life Support, SBS)
  • That Australian satirical comedy is better than US satirical comedy (Life Support, SBS vs MadTV, 9)
  • St Malo is cold this time of year (World weather, SBS)
  • That channels 7 and 10 should be taken to the ACCC.
What are channel 7 and 10 doing showing exactly the same television program at the same time of night? Okay, I can almost forgive something like a speech from the PM or a royal wedding, but the Home Shopping Network? It's anti-competitive!

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