Monday, August 25, 2008

Kita turns two

Kita turned two years old yesterday! He got a new toy and promptly damaged it (through love, as always), a meal of My Dog and a long walk. I tried to buy him some bones but the butcher had run out. The chicken shop had also sold out of chicken necks. So he gets to eat frozen uncooked chicken wings this week.

His party had to wait until tonight when his two "cousins" (the in-laws' Cavalier King Charles spaniels) came to stay while their back fence is repaired. Kita ran round and round the back yard in circles with excitement. But once he got tired I think he just wanted to hang out with us as he usually does. He takes after us, likes his quiet family time (and has my stumpy legs and long torso). Such a wonderful dog. Happy birthday Kita!

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